waste collection and treatment

Waste collection 

and treatment


Respecting the environment through Bureau Veritas Waste Collection and Treatment


Companies and public sector want to assess the disposal of all waste streams, such as: general (i.e. potentially recyclable) wastes; hazardous wastes; clinical wastes; waste AVTUR (aviation alkylate); electronic wastes; Trade Effluent Discharges; waste cooking oil; and wastes from building demolition (e.g. asbestos, waste oils, coolants, lubricants and paints).

They solicit  assurance from a third-party auditor that the handling, storage, transport and disposal of all its waste streams complied with all applicable environmental laws and Codes of Practice


Bureau Veritas is appointed to perform audits to assess the procedures in place for the collection, handling, storage, record keeping and disposal arrangements for all the waste streams against the twin benchmarks of environmental legislation: companies and public sectors legal responsibility and also from a Best Practice standpoint.